Website Fix

Some of you noticed that when they click on message, they get redirected to an image. It is unfamiliar bug to software developer, and they are working tirelessly on fixing it.

Sincere apologies,

FitEffort Team

A Brief Orientation To FitEffort Group

On FitEffort website, you get 2 options:

“Registration” is necessary to be able to login into the group.

Please check your junk box for confirmation email, in case you don’t think you’ve got one. It happens quite often.

Once you’ve completed registration, “Login” is the next step. You get this image, which may seem confusing for a second. You may or may not have wordpress and it is irrelevant. It is just the way our platform chose to promote itself.

Please click: “Login with username and password” on the bottom, it is highlighted.

When you’re logged in, there are many more menu options. First is “Activity”. In “Activity” menu there are “Messages” and “Notification”, these are pretty self explainatory.

In “Activity” there are many other options, after you click on it, of course. Look at it as the mix of social media accounts you’re already using. Hopefully. 🙂

Friends! Do not forget to make friends, since it’s the only option to see their updates, by clicking on “Friends” in your menu.

“Groups” – join or create your own.

“Mentions” – Twitter like option (ex. @fiteffort2) where you can tag your friends.

Did you know that you can upload Profile and/or Background picture/s? All you have to do is click on “Profile” in your menu option and you’ll get the options to “Change Profile Photo” and “Change Cover Image”.

At the end you’ll see SNC Account option, which is an upgrade. It is up to you whether you want to join it or not. It has materials for 10 counseling session, where your client will get charged at least $50 per half hour, plus a bonus one. In this package we have also included one year group membership, which usually costs $49 per month. SNC account is an educational account and will discuss the program only. Click on SNC Membership to register.

The goal is to create a community of health professionals exchanging their information. Please remember it.

So very glad to see you here!